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Lee Robinson

“Working with Aaron  is a lot like playing in a musical duo. Each of  the players brings his personal talents / interpretations to the performance to enhance each others creative output with the purpose of creating a “whole  art piece”.  The resulting performance happens in  the present moment. We create a  third thing that:

 > can never be fully captured. 

> becomes a wave in time. 

> changes everything .”


- Thank you for the opportunity.

 Lee Robinson


Ryan Lee “Ry”

Working with Aaron J has allowed me to explore new sonic territories and really see first hand how sound and visual art can be combined to create a true experience which appeals to all the senses. I see this becoming something of the future and hope to see more art/music collaborations happening. It has been a pleasure working with Aaron.


Kasey Yale 

When Aaron told me he wanted to write about his ink being the same as other things, I thought “if we all have a common physical AND spiritual origin, then aren’t we truly all made of  the same things as everything else?

How different is my body from this ink?.. Just a few atoms difference.


Gabi Montoya

Collaboration with Aaron and Art online has been fruitful in ways that I couldn't have imagined. Their perspective and experience is so different from mine, so it has yielded both process and products that were quite new to me and therefore exciting and beneficial during the chaos of quarantine. I had been curious to explore different ways of making video and live dance that interacted, and while this is completely different from that vision, it was exciting to see how Aaron was able to take my raw footage of dance videos and manipulate that with the over-laying or under-laying of his ink work. The variation of black and white, red, and multicolor evoked different energies plus of course the change of music. Since this was very experimental, we did not start with a concept or an idea of what it would look or feel like. The play of "let's just make something!" allowed us the freedom to create without hesitation. I would, however, also be interested to see what we could create with elements that align with each other in more intentional ways. I'm grateful to have met Aaron and other artists through this online collaboration and am always interested in hearing from and sharing processes with other artists. 


Artemio Morales

I helped ideate for the project presented here. While my interactive book portion didn’t quite get off the ground, it’s always fun to experiment and be part of a process.


Sherill-Marie Henriquez

In March 2020, Nivi collaborated with Aaron Jack on “Sunday Brunch: a quarantine sing-and-draw.” Aaron Jack illustrated line art live as Nivi sang hits by Billie Holiday, The Eagles, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more. Audience members interacted with the artists through Instagram Live comments, interpreting Aaron’s drawings.


Tyler Forest “Tye”

Working with Aaron is a spiritual endeavor. He welcomes and entices expression. He speaks from the soul and there’s an honesty and consistency in his artwork. He has a way of connecting with you and really bringing out your deepest emotions.

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